Question about 6061 vs 7075 MVP 2


Hey so I was looking just to compare the specs of the MVP 2 with my Avant Garde 2 so I could tell the differences and similarities, so Im sure the AG2 is more floaty and the MVP2 is more suited for sideways style and stuff like that.

Anyways what Im wondering maybe people who have played both the 6061 and 7075 versions can help me… So I was looking it up and the stats and stuff…

6061: 66.8 grams Diameter (mm) 56.61, Width (mm) 40.33

7075 66.3 grams Diameter (mm) 56.58 Width (mm) 40.07

So by looking up the stats the MVP 2 the 6061 is a TINY TINY bit larger by both diameter and width, Im sure there cant be any difference felt in play as far as actual size goes, most likely in weight. But it kinda surprised me that the 7075 version is actually lighter than the 6061 version.

So for people who have played both versions is there even a noticible difference or is the 6061 or 7075 kind of interchangable and just another marketing technique.

Was really surprised bc I was thinking the MVP 2 7075 version would weigh like 68.5 grams, instead they made it a tiny bit smaller to make it weigh really realyl close to the 6061 MVP 2.

ALSO wondering about the shape difference, if there is a diff by looking, I cant tell by looking online…

Thanks =)


7075 is only slightly denser than 6061.


They probably just thinned the walls on the 7075 to make it lighter, because it is stronger.


So it probably doesnt matter which one I get, they will both play very very similar, right? I was looking for a 6061 but if I see a good priced 7075 I think I will jump on that one too =).

Thanks =).


Yeah they will play pretty similar, the 7075 will probably be a bit more powerful though.