Psg or Glow-Nasty?

A friend of mine wants to know which one performs better. Please reply soon.

i much prefer the glow-nasty, but what is he looking for? the PSG’s shape is really strange, i like it, but the binds are not tight enough for me.

They don’t compare as they are so differently shaped and weighted. I have both, I like both. The PSG is more flared, while the Die-nasty is more “traditional” shaped.

I find binds are good on both, play is good on both, durability is good on both. The DieNasty seems a bit better for 5A in my opinion due to how it’s weighted, but the PSG can handle it just fine as well. the Die-Nasty can grind though, where-as the PSG is smooth so it won’t grind so well.

Total preferences issue. As I said, they aren’t similar yoyos.