PSAT scores

Hey everybody.

I took the PSAT this year, and just got my grade on it back. Did pretty good, I think. Total was 197 out of 240. I did better than 97% of sophomores in critical reading, better then 96% of sophomores in math, and better than 99% of sophomores in writing. Got 64, 65, and 68 respectively. all out of 80.

Anyone else take the test? How’d you do?

Wow dude grats!

I didnt take the PSAT yet, but Im pretty sure I do this year.

Congrats man! I take the ACT this April so…I’m taking a study class. Hopefully I get a 25 or higher

I got a 180 a couple months ago. (Freshman)

That’s pretty good.

Got a 204 sophmore year but bombed it junior year when it actually counted. I got a 184 the second time.

That stinks.

make up your mind.

I meant going from 204 to 184 stinks. 184 isn’t a bad score, it’s just that a 204 is really good, and it’s a shame he didn’t get as good a grade when it counted.

I was just joking.