PSA: Hot Sauce on Ice Cream is AWESOME!

Don’t knock it until you try it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like hot sauce on cupcakes better :wink:

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I could see mixing hot sauce in some frosting and then putting it on some cupcakes. Maybe even throw some diced fresh super hot peppers in the cupcake mix too, for some extra heat.

I think I just got an idea for a future spicy dessert PSA. 8)

i wonder who will get that reference…

If what you posted was a brony reference, please slap yourself.

DANG IT ok * ouch* cool video and channel though, it deserves more than 100 or so views!

Casey, you are officially my favorite Admin. 8)

ok i wont anymore! sorry juanhubero, but the situation was almost perfect! but im a rule follower, so ill stop. but mlp aside, putting chili
powder in the batter and hot sauce as frosting definetetly would work!

Won’t the hot sauce melt the ice cream like in cartoons? Had to ask lol :smiley:

I got the reference, and I’ve made cupcakes with hotsauce in them, but that was before I saw that show. It sort of neutralized the hotness of it for some reason.

^^^^Cooking tends to weaken the potency. You have to overcompensate for that.

Only if you heat the hot sauce up before pouring it on the ice cream. The sauce we used was refrigerated though, so it poured on like a dessert syrup. Just watch the beginning of the video posted above.

So is it good with JUST that hot sauce, or will it taste good with something like Tabasco?

Any recommendations for Sriratcha sauce?

What about Frank’s RedHot?

Up until now, I have only tried this particular sauce on ice cream.  But there are plenty of other fruit-based sauces that should work just as well.  I definitely wouldn’t recommend using Tabasco though.  Any sauce that is mostly vinegar probably won’t taste all that great on ice cream.

Here are a few recommendations for sauces to use on ice cream:
-Strawberry Scorpion Sting (what we used in the video)
-B3 (Banana, Berries, Bhut Jolokia)
-Tongue Wrapper (Blueberry x Naga Jolokia)
-Seventh Circle (Pineapple, Strawberry, Yellow 7 Pod)
-HABermelon (Watermelon, Habanero)
-Piney Hab (Pineapple x Habanero)

-Blueberry Hell

Put it on hard boiled eggs, breakfast food, pasta, ramen, pizza, or pretty much anything.  You can even fill up a shot glass with rooster sauce and drink it straight.  Not ideal for desserts though, IMO. :wink:

Same as Tabasco.  It’s primarily vinegar, so it won’t really mesh too well with ice cream.

I’m really glad to see people interested in Hot Sauces. Mostly happy about the burn your face to ashes sauces. Heep up the good work John. Anytime you feel like blessing me with a different bottle just let me know. One of these days I’ll be sending you a bottle of a sauce from around these parts. I have some testing to do first. I want you and Jerret to sweat your faces off!

Anyone tried hot sauce on funnel cake?

Its a world of wonder just sayin.

I could see a quality fruity hot sauce going over pretty well on some funnel cake, actually.

Thanks for the suggestion.