Sriracha Hot Sauce Lovers

Srirachi is the ultimate hot sauce. It tasted good with anything and everything. Ive tried it with just about everything. If you haven’t tried it i command you to do so now. you wont be disappointed.

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Its all about sriracha, tapatio, and garlic tabasco!

Yah me love my hot sauce i put it on everything!

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i.saw that a couple weeks ago. I love the oatmeal!! even bought one of their books. thanks for posting it in this thread!

My two best uses for sriracha:

A: For putting on tostitos or your favorite tortilla chips

B: Boiling ramen noodles and draining the water to mix sriracha and a bit of the seasoning packet.

I always try an pass those little gems on to all my fellow sriracha lovers.

It tastes great on liver too!

I eat srirachi with everything. I’m thinking of making a list of all the hints I’ve tried it with. Not one of those things I’ve tried it with has tasted bad proving the point that anything with srirachi tasted amazing. My favorites are:

  1. On pork baos (Asian food)
  2. On sushi
  3. With bagels (you de be surprised how good it is with bagels and cream cheese
  4. On paninis

My son and I like to put it on spaghetti, and we like to say “Sriracha!” with intensity (kind of like the experience of eating it) as we are adding it to the plate.

Frank’s RedHot is my favorite hotsauce. It’s got a good heat, and great flavor.

I had to look it up so I thought I’d share:

Where do you find it?

I refer to it a Cock Sauce because of the Rooster on the Bottle. It is delicious on Mac & Cheese.

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Use it like ketchup and on everything else you don’t use ketchup on! It’s not overly hot and great on everything for sure. MoHotta says 620 Scoville units, and this description:[i]

Huy Fong Sriracha Chile Hot Sauce is a Vietnamese-style sriracha hot chile sauce is made from sun-ripened serrano chiles, sugar, salt, garlic and vinegar. A traditional table sauce with a wide variety of uses, its handy precision-pour spout allows you to aim the right amount in the right place. Huy Fong Sriracha Chile Hot Sauce is one the most popular selling hot sauces in the country today. [/i]

I like Cholula.

i stuff my burritos with it. and i’ve tried it on pizza and it goes with anything that has to do with rice.

I know this is a necro, but this is some pretty cool news.
I have yet to try these, but they look delicious.

I love the sauce, but for hot sauce I’m a Texas Pete fan.

I have to try that! They also made tapatio Doritos which are AMAZING.

This must have read this thread because I want to try them so bad!