For any of you chile heads on here, my buddy Jerret Ulmer (Team MonkeyfingeR) and myself are starting up a video review blog called HeatAddicts.Com.  The website is still under construction, but we are planning on having it up and running in the very near future.  For now though, we have our fan page on Facebook as well as our YouTube channel.  If you are interested in seeing what happens when stupid people eat stupid hot sauces and other spicy things, then please become a fan of our FB page and/or subscribe to our channel.  A couple of the videos we already have up are pure comedy. ;D

Both of us will have a new video up each week, and as things evolve, we will begin adding new features, such as our own super hot recipes, Deadly Desserts, Street Heat, etc.  Also, I will be doing reviews at any of the yo-yo contests I will be attending in the future, and I believe that Jerret will be doing the same.  So if any of you are interested in making a guest appearance, let us know! :wink:

I actually get a kick out of this. Half the stuff you guys eat is way out of my league but to often i got to the store and want a new hot sauce but I don’t want to burn my face off so its cool to have vlogs to turn to and see how it rates on the scale before buying a bottle that will just sit for a life time cause its to hot. Plus its just funny to watch some time lol

Most hot sauces you buy in stores are mild in comparison to what these guy’s eat.
JuanHubero sent me a bottle of OTC hot sauce and OH MY! Pace is like strawberry jam compared to this stuff! He’s tried hotter too.

If you’re looking for something good at the grocery store, there really aren’t too many options. Sriracha is available pretty much anywhere, of course. If you want heat, but not enough to melt your face off, then that stuff is the ticket. Even with all of the other sauces my wife and I go through, we still kill about a bottle of the rooster sauce a month.

Also, Tropical Pepper Co. is carried in a lot of different grocery store chains. The Xxxxtra Hot Habanero they make is really flavorful, and not really all that hot either. That one would probably be an excellent introduction to habanero sauces, if you aren’t already experienced.

Oh, and if you happen to live near a Whole Foods, they carry sauces from the Scoville Food Institute, which is my favorite brand at the moment. The majority of their sauces aren’t super hot either. The Hb (Habanero) and Ca (Cayenne) have the consistency of Tabasco, maybe just a bit thicker, and a much better flavor.

How has that OTC been treating you? Have you managed to empty the bottle yet?

right one i will have to try that stuff out. the only sauce i usually eat with stuff is tapatio and i usually put that on everything. i just been eating it since i was a kid so i have stuck with it im sure there are way better sauces out there. i wanna try something a bit hotter but nothing that will burn my face off lol (well at least at the moment). i mainly want to try new flavors not heat levels. baby steps :slight_smile:

Gwar shared our Death Sauce review video on Facebook, and our view count more than doubled overnight as a result. 8)

Jeff (Ditch Down), Joseph (Eternal Throw), and Jerret (MonkeyFingeR/Ditch Down)
Grinders Death Sauce (Made by Grinders Pizza in Kansas City, MO)

I’m glad I’m not the only one who couldn’t handle this sauce.


this stuff did me and some friends in pretty good. never again, haha


I think Jerret has a bottle of that stuff in line for a future review.

P.S. - I have to post this one.



Haven’t emptied the bottle yet but I’m working on it. I’m interested in being part of the Heat Addicts crew but only if I can find the hot stuff. lol Maybe one of these days I’ll find something worthy down here and post a video on it.

Blake posted our Death Sauce video on Reddit, and our view count has more than doubled as a result.  We are on the verge of 3,000 views, which is by far the most out of any vid on our channel.  If any of you guys are on there, please thumb this one up.  The higher it ranks, the more people will see it. 8)


Looks like some t-shirts are in the works. Blake’s look of regret is gonna be famous someday. :smiley:

Look what is coming my way in the mail.

1 Douglah hybrid, 1 Bhut Jolokia sweet hybrid, 2 Choclate Habaneros, 4 Brain Strain 7 Pod, 1 fat Yellow 7 Pod, 2 Chocolate Bhut Jolokias
1 spikey Red 7 Pod, 2 Bhut Jolokias, 1 Yellow Cardi Scorpion, 1 Barrackpore,
3 Red Habaneros ,3 Bhut Jolokia hybrids HOT
5 mystery and 3 tiny Chiltepins

This world of hurt should be arriving here on Wednesday. I’m stoked. 8)

My wife and I reviewed Knepper’s Peppers Seventh Circle Hot Sauce over the weekend. Yellow 7 Pods, strawberries and pineapple FTW!!! 8)

HEAT - 9 (Intense, but short-lived)

TO ORDER, PLEASE VISIT: http://www.knepperspeppers.com/

Any of yall ever thrown up cause of these sauces? A challenge me and some friends did a while back made 2 of us throw up, body couldnt take it, haha


Watch the Mad Dog 357 video on our channel until the very end.  Both Jerret and Jeff had a very rough time with that one.

There are also the 2 Grinders Death Sauce reviews we did.  That one did a number on Jerret as well.  It got me really good too, almost to the point of puking it back up.  But I managed to keep it down by drinking a bunch of milk, water, and munching on ice cubes.  I definitely should’ve puked it back up though.  My night after that review wouldn’t have been so rough if I had.

In other news, we created a FB group for HeatAddicts:


Anyone who loves spicy things, no matter how high your tolerance, is more than welcome to join.  The more the merrier, I say.

Did you know that Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Donnie Brasco, Kill Bill, etc.) makes his own BBQ sauce?  Yeah, neither did we.  But we’re glad we found out, because this is probably the best BBQ sauce we have ever had.

Mr. Blonde gave my wife and I a shout out. 8)