PS2 Controller on PC?

My uncle gave me a whole bunch of games for PC, including NFS: Shift. I would much rather play it with a controller than the keyboard. Instead of dropping $30+ for an new Xbox controller, I was wondering if I could buy a cheap PS2 controller to USB adapter and if that would work for the games.

probably, as long as it could plug into the PC, but i’d say just buy a PC specific controller, idk how cheap the ps2 controller and adapter would be but i’d rather just have a pc specific controller.

I can get adapters for under $5. I will look into a pc controller though.

just did a quick search, there’s many brands, but you can get one around $10 - $15

k, thanks!

I picked one up for ~$5 on Amazon a couple years ago that works fine. I figured at that cheap, it was taking a chance, but I’ve never had any problems with it.

Here’s the link to the page from my order history if that helps:

Do you have to download drivers or anything? Do the controllers function as well as, say an Xbox controller or a dedicated pc controller?

Yes, but you have to use an xbox controller emulator (Trick the game into thinking its an xbox controller). Most people would tell you to use motioninjoy, but the program comes with a serious risk of malware. Use betterds3, it’s much safer and better.

It probably depends on the game, and I don’t use it for that much, but I’ve never had to use any additional software to use it and I don’t think I had to install any drivers for it. The games I’ve used it on that have gamepad support recognized it fine as is.

I don’t have any XBox or PC controllers to compare it to.

Ok. I think that I’ll just try to go for a pc controller. It’ll be closer to being guaranteed to work.

Just go for an Xbox 360 controller. You don’t need to fiddle with any drivers other than official Microsoft ones and once you have those you’re good. Almost every game that I’ve played has Xbox controller support built in, and even if it doesn’t all you have to do is bind the controls to the buttons on the controller since Windows already has the support built in. I’ve had Logitech and other PC specific controllers in the past and they don’t come close to the ease of use of the Xbox controller.

Thanks for the info. I’ve read online that the Logitech F310 basically makes the computer recognize it as an Xbox controller, so if that is true, I would like to get one, but if not, I’ll get an xbox controller for ease of use.

I own one, and the only game that has ever given me trouble is Assassins Creed 2. I run it with probably about 20 games, and have not bothered with anything requiring aim or a lot of buttons (My other 70ish).

Do you have a Xbox controller already? If so, just drop 15 dollars on a Wireless Xbox 360 adapter instead. Works very well

Nope. The only console I have is a ps2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gotten my PS2 controller to work fine with everything I needed it for off of the drivers windows got for me.

Go figure the Dual Shock works perfectly with Plug and Play but my printer was a pain.

Haha well I’m just bouncing back and forth trying to decide which to get. Maybe I’ll just try getting an adapter for $5 because if it works, great! and if not, it’s only $5.

I know the ps3 controller works but I don’t now about the ps2 controller

Ah. I have seen the Ps2 adapters around. My cousin (TehStearnsy) uses it for his TF2

Just chiming in here.

I’ve tried motionjoy, betterds3, and any other xbox emulator program to get my ps3/ps2 controllers working for my pc games and I found them to be too much of a hassle. Sometimes my drivers would just quit working and i’d have to restart the software or buttons would lag and misbehave. It was just a pain really. After getting frustrated too many times I just picked up a wired xbox controller and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. They are just plug, play, and forget.

Maybe this was just my bad luck, but I never had any success with forcing a sony product to connect as a microsoft product.