PS2 Controller on PC?

I bought an adapter cable on ebay. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just buy and xbox or pc controller.

There’s plenty of cheap PSX-to-USB adapters available for cheap. Can get some of the more cheaper ones off ebay for like $2-$5 and they (should) work just fine. Only rare exceptions I know of is when you’re using non-standard controllers (Taiko drums, dance pads, etc), and in that case, a more expensive adapter converter may be needed.

PSX-to-PS3 adapters should also work for a PC (they still use USB; I have one that works fine). I can’t imagine it being incompatible, but if ordering such an adapter and in-doubt, you should probably just order a cheap one.

Regardless of what adapter you get though, it should just be plug-and-play compatible. The only time you may need a driver is either for force-feedback (you usually don’t though), or non-standard controllers (for dance pads, you may need to enter a dance pad code to fix an axis issue which would only work with that adapter’s driver).

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Just get the Logitech f310. Sure it has dead zones, but unless you’re playing shooters for some strange reason with it, you’re fine. I use mine for a variety of game genres including; platformers, racing games, sandbox games, emulated Nintendo games, some RPG’s (Many need precision accuracy) and Lego games. Dead zones don’t bother me on any of the games, and the controller is cheap.