Promotional or concept idea


Well, some genius decided to come up with a “No Bearing November” concept:,34959.0.html

Anyhow, far be it for me to over-step my bounds, but that gave me an idea.

Why not have a “promo of the month”, but it doesn’t need to run the whole month, maybe announced the first week and it runs during the second week or something like that. For example, let’s say, for “No Bearing November”, there is a special that covers certain fixed axle models of yoyos. Not sure what sort of discount there would be because I don’t know your margins or points, but it’s an idea. Make a promotional page linking to qualifying products. All I can say is I’d buy into this No Bearing November thing next year after my skills improve.

January would be “A new year, a new start” so yoyos targeting the beginner market would be a prime candidate.

On months where there’s already a promo, it’s up to YYE to choose to offer any other deals. Such as, what is National yoyo day, June 6th? Well, that was for 2011 anyways. Since we have that deal going on, no other themed deal needed. This year was a Halloween yoyo /costume contest so nothing else needed for October.

Just some thoughts to help push and promote products and play people might not be considering.

Of course, all items subject to availability and there may be the possibility of exclusions.

Forgive me if this is a bad idea. I’m an audio engineer trying to grasp this whole yoyo thing. I am not a marketing person!


I Really like Studio42’s Idea. Especially the one for January. Gets more people into yoyoing.


Quite to the contrary, I think you presented some excellent marketing ideas and concepts. I like the idea of monthly fun promotions for the purpose of expanding the popularity of the sport.


So it’s no bearing and no shave November l, so( I’m just spitballing here) double A and don’t shave December… Or maybe offstring octobrtfest

(Y yo?2 yo.) #5

That is an AWESOME idea!!! Lets see…

Just starting January, Fundamental February, Multiple A (?) March… (add on)