In response to no bearing November...


Yoyoing is a hobby that we all love, and it takes up a lot of our free time, so I think it should have its own calendar of celebrations with a stickies post of when these happen ( but not this post)…

The goal of this post is to brainstorm for ideas of other times that are easy to remember ( with alliteration or rhyming) like no bearing November, that will ultimately make us better players… I would also like to spread this to other yoyo boards too for those with multiple accounts

Anyway, here are some ideas I have to get us started:
We already have no bearing November- to pay tribute to fixed axle predecessors
Double a December- for focusing on 2a
March madness- for practicing a little extra at every chance to bring our a game to performing in public ( like street performing)
Offstring octobrtfest- focus on 4a
5a may- focusing on counterweight
Fun Friday- an excuse to bring your throw to work…
Jumpstart January- for getting a friend started
December donation- like toys for tots…

These are just a start and are not limited to months and all of them are up in the air

Please post your thoughts


Jumpstart January:
Give a friend or a relative or a child a yoyo and teach them everything you can to get them started right. Just introduce someone or more than one person to yoyo and help them enjoy this as much as the rest of us.

We can just make our own “calendar” of events and spread it throughout the community.


I like!


5A May. You forgot that one.


I kinda like this. We’ll see how all the ideas come about. If it’s good enough we’ll do something for it.


We need a “Bring a Throw To Work Day”.

(Raphael) #7

I like it

how about Donate a throw December? You know something for the holiday spirit :slight_smile:


I’d donate a couple of throws if we did this.

I don’t know the logistics of it, but I think it’s an awesome idea.


That’s a good one!


freehand February!! ;D


how bout every style every month


Great idea… except I would never dream of leaving for work without at least two or three in my pockets. Usually I carry a case into the office with me.


It’s “Bring A Throw to Work” day. It means bring at least ONE!


Ok… I would like multiple opportunities to bring a throw to work… Soooo

What do we think of fun Friday, an excuse that happens once a week?


I have nothing against bringing a throw to work every day. But I’m self employed, and I’ve got them all over my main room and a few here and there in addition to what I may have in my pocket… Either way what people do on their breaks is often none of my business.

Just “Bring a Throw to Work” day would be to help encourage those who wouldn’t normally do so, to do so.


String burn September, dedicated to high-end string such as ham string.


O-ring october.

(Jei Cheetah) #18

Ding your yoyos December.


What about o rings?

And I don’t think people like to ding their yoyos just because… The goal of these events are to help people improve their skill, not damage their equipment


Use a yoyo that has orings.