Production TT impression

Well this is a first impression i just got mine in the mail today ive been playing it for a few hours so i can give it a preety good impression of how it plays so farr.

With the Swirly diameter comparison

Profile/wideness comparison

Width comparison and the custom axle

With my other “at the present moment” main throws

THIS THING IS IMMACULANT the coloring is not at all what i expected the production to be the half and half light and dark grey is more beautiful in person than it is in the pics doug posted i meen you really have to pick one up to know what im talkin about.

next im gonna hit the finish up, it feels wonderful on par with any blasting ive had on my yoyos in the past although it feels a little finer than regular beadblasting although i havnt had a blasted yo in awhile so im slightly biased on this, anyway it grinds wonderfully finger arm palm you name it it kills it. BTW the inner ring grind area is HUGE even the beefiest hands should be able to thumb grind this like a pro with no problem whatsoever

This feels like a regualr tfl in the hand to me like the outer profile is simple its rounded all the way out its not like some of dougs other yo’s with the stepped profile or any harsh angles its a smooth more organic feel, like i said TFL shapewise on the outer part anyway, when thirowing it feels more fuul sized even though its not too much bigger than the swirly, it does have a flat part to the rim but its a more natural prgression you can see where it starts flat like theres a slight slight place where it cuts off but it doesnt feel awkward in the hand it feels like the more classic shape its nice i happen to prefer this over s few of my other throws, it just feels right.

D size bearing and silicone is definatly a winner with this yo, im getting nice snappy binds with no snags and no problems at all, now the bearing that came in it did have a slight bit of responsivness in it but it played out to completly dead unresponsive after a few hours of hard play, i really am fond the response in the TT it responds similar to the swirly which is also a very snappy binding yo.

This is the important part, how it plays it what everyone wants to know, OK if you dont generally like Smaller bearings in yo’s because they snag then you should honestly pick this up, see i thought that with its profile and the smaller bearing it would be quite snaggy “course i thought that about the swirly to and i was very very mistaken” but accually im very pleased with it no snags. and it plays on the string wonderfully no issues of having it pop back int he middle of a trick because of the spin and no real problems with manuvering either. it is slightly wider and a little bigger in diameter than the swirly but it still go through string well doesnt go where you dont want it to. The weight on it is nice the swirly and 888 feel light in comparison to the TT the TT feels very solid on the string and has great spintimes. The spikes Arent too sharp but tey are just sharp enough in order to do some awesome matador tricks and plus they looks really nice even if you dont do matador.
The TT does have a more full sized feel to it even though i still believe it is considered undersized. I accually think its a pretty good medium between undersized and full sized, I generally prefer undersized yo’s but im definatly making an exception for this one.

I like it, im pretty sure this will be my main throw for awhile here, it grinds great, plays like a beast, has a great weight to it, feels very solid, and is most definatly on par with any of the yoyo realeases ive got my hands on in the last few months. the ano is just amazing the colors go great together and its definatly an unexpected color choice by doug IMO. The only qualms is that it eats some string when you first get it but a little rubbing on jeans and its all good, and the fact that it was soo awesome looking i had to buy one before they came out lol, but seriously though this yo is great pick one up if you can, i have no probs with this as of yet to report playwise or really with any aspect of it.

Doug once again great job all of your yo’s have been great, please please please do not stop making great throws for us, OH and thanks for the opportunity to purchase one of these before the actual realese its greatly appriciated.