Review: BBYY "TT"



The TT I will be reviewing is a raw production run

The TT is (it will be shortly) BBYY’s 3rd major release, bringing a a unique axle system and yet another different bearing size, this time a “D” (5x11x5mm), to the growing BBYY family. Being a huge fan of anything made by Doug Spence (of BBYY), I was very excited to get my hands on a TT but would it live up to my expectations.

Diameter: 52mm
Width: 41.5MM
Gap: 4.5mm
Weight: 66.5 grams
Bearing: D size (5x11x5mm)
Response: o-ring/silicone/Flow groove

First Impressions

I received my TT in the standard BBYY container, a small hard plastic tube, that is very handy to have around not only to store the yoyo but also string, bearings, pads, and other small stuff you may need.


When I first picked up the TT I knew I was going to love it, it feels nice and heavy but moves through tricks rather quickly.

Response and Bearing

I will update the review with pictures of the axle soon.

The TT uses a unique axle that is machined from a solid piece of steel. It is a flat shaft that serves the same purpose of a bearing post (the bearing seat being set up normally), two threaded ends that act as a traditional axle, and finally ends in a small sharp spike. This unique set up allows a very close fit with the bearing that leads to a smoother overall yoyo. The bearing is a standard stainless steel bearing with c clips (something that, in my experience, is not usually seen on D sized bearings). The response is a nice deep groove that can accept sili or o rings (a few BBYY team members are fond of o ring response) and gives perfect snappy binds.


This is what counts, how does the TT play? The first few things I noticed were just how smooth it was, how perfectly it fit my hand and how comfy it was to catch or throw, but also how '“hefty” it felt. I threw it a few times and than picked up my main player (and heaviest yoyo), my Bully, and was quite shocked by how floaty my Bully felt. The TT feels more than 66g, I thought maybe Doug had changed the weight on the production run so I checked with him and he said 66g. So i went back and threw it some more and after I got over the initial shock of how heavy and solid it felt started to notice how fast it seemed to move and how it was sort of floaty when I popped it into the air. It goes fast when I want it to but can go slow like my Bully when I want it to, it is the best combination of speed and weight i have experienced to date. The fact that it feels heavy is by no means a bad thing, it can play fast and floaty like a lighter yoyo or slow like a heavy yoyo, it was just very surprising, I love heavy yoyos so I got the best of both worlds. The other thing I tried right away were the spikes, so I did a pull start and it just kept going…and going…and going…and going. It must have spun for close to a minute, they dont feel like they should work as good as they do but are by far the best spikes I have ever used. Being a raw yoyo I wasnt expecting much in terms of grinds but the TT seems to grind just as good as an anodized yoyo and was a nice surprise. The thumb grinds are wonderful, the IRG lip is so wide open I cant imagine anyone have trouble with thumb grinding. I was able to pull of some awesome thumb grinds with the TT because it has amazingly long spins during a grind, I was able to transfer to my opposite hand and back again with quite a bit of spin left over.

Final Thoughts

I feel this is a yoyo everyone needs to try at least once, It is such an awesome combination of light, agile, slow, and heavy it can fit almost any players style. BBYY’s has once again made a winner with the TT.


anyone have any comments/criticism?

Do you think you could put up a gap view pic? I liked the review and am thinking about getting the yoyo.

i will take alot more pics when i go home for the weekend, i dont have a camera with me here at school (now that i think of it, thats on my christmas list lol)

Do you know how much they will cost? ???

im going to guess around $100 but i really have no idea

i know someone who had a red anodized one of those

EDIT: oh and sorry i forgot to tell you your review was good

Good review.

those are the preproduction versions