Procrastination = win!

So I really didn’t want to do my hw today ::slight_smile:
and I wanted to make a lightbox and these pics resulted, let me know what you guys think

YoyoFactory Pyramid minus my PGM

I can finally make a yoyo pyramid!

Love my Hspins with perfect fit string :smiley:

First Yoyos

Iron Man theme M1 - Red Side

Iron Man theme M1 - Yellow Side

Fun Loopers

how r loop720s can they sleep for around the worlds cause i want em

How do you people get so many yoyos. The only way for me is to work with my dad on days off of school, or wait for a holiday.

Well I’m in college so my parents give me a certain amount of money every money for food and other stuff so I can focus on school rather than a job and so yeah

I haven’t reall tried sleeping with it because I have it set on maximum response to practice looping fully

Wow, great pictures!

So how’d you make it?

three sheets of photo paper and duct tape :wink:
gotta fix the line on the left side though

I better way is using a box cut out large holes on the sides and replacing that are with parchment paper. Then stick a paper inside curving up from the front bottom to the back top of normal paper. After that put a good light source on the outside and BAM! you have yourself a nice light box.

Adulthood + Education = Many Yo-Yos

The first step is to get out of high school. Then, 4+ years at a good college. Now, establish a career.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is the point where you start buying yos like a mad fiend. And you’d be wrong.

Stick with the career for a little while. Get to the point where you’re stacking paper like the newsstand. Now, get married. This way there’s someone to be irritated by your frivolous spending habits. It’s more fun this way.

NOW you can hit the Shop button and go buck wild.

lol I’m almost done with the first part of the college part, only two more bits after :slight_smile:

Hehe. In Norway when you move out to go to high school/college/university, you get money from the state. Money for getting away from your parents. Teehee. I don’t get that money yet, but it is supposed be enough for housing, food, clothes, water and electricity. And if you manage to stay on “economy class” (cheap and bad) supplies like one-layer toilet paper and huge bottles of ketchup, then you will get a lot of leftover money. And if you get a job aside from that, you will get a lot of money you can spend on anything yoyos.