Problems with thin lube

Whenever i try to thin lube one of my dead unresponsive yoyos (dv888, spyy addiction) it makes it (especially my dv888) almost tug responsive. It also makes them less smooth, and wobble more. Has anyone else had this problem?

O.K., you didn’t lube it correctly.
You first squezze the bottle a tiny bit so that a drop of lube is stuck between the nozzle. Then, using a sewing needle ot a pin needle, dip the tip on the drop so that a drop of lube gets on the needle. Now put the lube on the needle on one of the balls of the bearing. This is enough.
NOW, play with it for at least 1-2 days or even more to get unrepsonsive play.

And I don’t think lube makes the yoyo wobble, vibe or being less smooth.
I am pretty sure that lube DOES NOT make vibe or wobble.

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Skeleton is right. Lube will NOT cause a yoyo to be less smooth, vibe or wobble. In all actuality it will do the reverse. It will cause it to be more smooth.

I say you use too much lube if it turns your throws responsive, I lubed my DV888 bearing yesterday with OD lube, it’s perfectly fine.

just use one tiny drop