Problem with Terrapin Bearing

So, on the website itsays that if you just roll a yo-yo with this bearing in it off of your hand, it will spin for 3.5 minutes. When I tried I got about 3.5 seconds. Do I need to lube it or remove the shields or something? Please reply.
Thank you!


or maybe they used a different throw…hmmm? :wink:

I get like 30 sec on my Code 2 with a drop on its STOCK bearing! I think its your yoyo.Which one is it?

Dude, never lube A terrapin bearing…Sheesh, they say it straight on the site. it may be your throw, to…And, sometimes terrapin brand has issues…they are never 100% consistent. Or so I have heard.

i got 5 minutes and 20 seconds off my septopus after using terrapin dry lube…no joke. it was awesome

Maybe you need to read between the lines. :wink:

I can get at least 25-30 seconds on a drop. I can get that on a flick too.

To get those 2.5 minute spins, it takes using similar string twisting technique like they use in the sleeper contests. It’s a skill I don’t have. It’s more in my best interest to THROW the yoyo and play it and enjoy the bearing doing what it does.