My bearing wont spin that long on a flick.


Hey all,

My bearing will spin about 3 seconds on a flick, and I have heard of people having bearings spin 30-40 seconds on a flick. Is this a problem(should I clean it/lube it) or should I ignore it and try to keep playing with it?


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It’s not a big deal. I wouldn’t worry about it either.

What bearing are you using?


Just the stock bearing… Its a fine bearing too…


It might have too much lube in it, you might want to try cleaning it.


Also, my bearing doesn’t stay in the the yoyo easily. I open it up and I just poke the bearing and it can come out. Isn’t the bearing supposed to stay put in the little cavity?



It’s a Code 2. One Drop normally aren’t tight to the bearing seat. It’s OK, nothing to worry about. However, a touch of tightness is OK.

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Perfectly normal. YYF’s bearings are the ones that are hard to get out. Any other bearing/company’s will practically fall out if opened.


I’ve noticed that before and after cleaning, it might have gone from 3 to 15 seconds on a flick, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your yoyo will spin 5 times longer. Also, I actually like when bearings come out easily. Then you don’t have to go find the right pair of pliers whenever you want to take your bearing out.


Thanks everyone, I’m just going to clean my bearing and do paper slip and then put a drop of lube and play it like normal.

Thanks again,


I always have more fun breaking the bearing in myself instead of cleaning it


How long a bearing spins with a flick really doesn’t say much about the bearing. For instance, a bearing with a heavier outer race will spin longer than a bearing with a lighter outer race on a flick. However, when in a yoyo, other aspects of the bearing affect spin time (how freely the balls move, tolerances, etc).

If a bearing works well in a yoyo and provides enough spin time, but doesn’t spin long on a flick, don’t worry about it. As long as it works in a yoyo, you’re fine.


This is again, a subjective matter. Like what is the best bearing, string type, shape, company, etc. Some will preach that you have to have x amount of flick spin time. You have to use x bearing. I personally prefer terrapin bearings or at least a bearing dry play treated. But honestly, I mostly stick to the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. Or at least I try to, because anytime in life I don’t something breaks.


I don’t completely agree.

If a bearing won’t spin good on a flick, that usually means that the bearing needs to be addressed. If it won’t spin very long in a on a flick(say, under 4-5 seconds), then it’s gonna be grabby and snaggy in a yoyo. In my experience with bearings with super short spin times like this, I have problems with them being grabby and snaggy. The lower the time on a flick, the greater the problem.

Having a good bearing that is spinning a decent amount of time shouldn’t be grabby or snaggy. At this point we agree. At this point, how it performs in a yoyo is more critical. Just having a bearing spinning a massive amount of time on a flick doesn’t necessarily equate to “more time to do tricks”. Only practice, acquired skill and playing cleaner will provide that.


Either way, I cleaned the bearing and sprayed it with some air and my yoyo is no longer screaming/it is spinning well now. Thanks for all your help.



You didn’t say the bearing was screaming. It’s still bearing in a bit. If it gets to this point again, it should be done breaking in and just clean it again like you just did.