Problem with OneDrop, C3, or maybe its just me? & a vote

So this topic is 2 parts. 1 part is that im looking for a new yoyo.
I am interested in a 1A that has durability. I’m not perfect and I tend to ding and I’ve noticed that some yoyos take it better than others. For example, My Nautilus takes a ding and instantly its a big crushing dent in the yoyo. On the other hand, My Dark Magic 2 merely sustains scratches and you can barely feel any indentation. I try to be careful but it just happens sometimes. I posted a poll for 2 that I am interested in merely because of appearance. I’d like to know if you have seen either in person or used it, what you think of it. If you have a different recommendation I’d like to see a comment and why.

The 2nd part; is my experience with the 2 brands. Now I previously owned a Nautilus and a Capsule 2. For some reason both yoyos came with a wierd problem after a few years of use. The threading inside the yoyo that accepts the axle began to shave off strips of metal. I’m not sure if that is just wear or if its the quality of the metal or if its me (probably me and my constant dings) but can anyone explain why this happens? Neither of the 2 will properly seat the axle and if I attempt a throw the axle shifts and the yoyo falls apart.

Overall I prefered my OneDrop Nautilus. As far as playing goes, it feels much smoother, the control is great, and on certain tricks I can perform it does not bind suddenly because of the gap space. C3 capsule 2 was lighter and smaller which i preferred, but the gap space was not enough for me to do certain tricks.

Sorry for making this post so long

the threading problem could be from over tightening

Yep, cross threading isn’t rare and it will happen occationally. What happens is the yoyo’s axel might not be on completely straight or like the post above me says over tightening. You want to make sure the axel is always straight and be careful when putting yoyo’s back together. Especially when you see cross threading you want to take the axel out carefully and put it back in straight, but make sure you get the metal flakes off the bearing seat, as those can cause some issues as well. Hope this helps!

take some teflon tape to your axle and it should help fix the unscrewing problem

Shouldn’t be a problem with your CODE2 since it has Side Effects. If you did happen to strip the Side Effects (which is hard to do and rare) you can just get a new set.

Sounds like the main thing is that you need to assemble it tighter.


If you want a serviceable 1a that’s built like a tank, take a look at the onestar. It’s not glamorous, it’s not the smoothest, but it’s a nice V and might as well be a truck. Oh, and you can probably afford it with the change in your couch.