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One Drops are just different than SPYY. I shop by what catches my eye, which usually equates to good performance, at least for me. I can’t say anything bad about either company.

Addressing your question directly, none of my One Drops are tight to the bearing at the bearing seat. I have 11 One drops(2 are Code 2’s but configured differently), and of those that use side effects, they are “loose” to the seat. In my One Drops that don’t use side effects, it’s the same way. However, I have heard the occasional grumble that a bearing was tight to the seat, so it CAN happen.

The SPYY Solaris is a favorite of mine. I am also very pleased with One Drop. The quality is amazing, the play is fantastic.


If I remember correctly, some of the older One Drops have tight bearing seats. But in all the new ones, the bearing just falls right out.

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Super good!
Nice and very smooth
Feels nicer than Spyy!
The soda blast is even better though!


I really never digged any OneDrop. I’ve used most of the SE yoyos apart from the Dietz and cascade, not to mention being one of the first users of the DANG.

I just don’t dig the one-dropyness. I hated the Code2.

I do LOVE spyy though. My trainwreck v2 and my Punchline…yum.

I current favorite OD is the Markmont.next. But still, I just don’t like OD that much. They are all amazing, but they all lack in that special “feel”. As opposed to OD, spyys definitely have something going on!

The punchline felt like a better avalanche to me!


The Pyramatte isn’t the best grinding surface, but it’s not “sticky” to the touch either. Grinds aren’t really bad, and it feels pretty nice on the skin. The surface just isn’t as good as a blasted surface in my opinion. One drop’s blasted surfaces are very nice on grinds, but I’m not sure about the availability on those. I have an orange peel 54 and the surface is one of my favorites.

As others have said already, the bearing seat is not tight.

I have three one drops, and they are three of my favorite yoyos in my collection, but I’ve never tried a SPYY, so I can’t really offer you a valuable comparison.


Why would you convert? It sounds like you really love SPYY. I’m also a huge SPYY fan. I respect and appreciate One Drop for their great yoyos and everything they do for the community and other companies with their machine shop and everything…I’ve thrown Code 1 and 2, Cascade, Dietz, 54, Markmont Next, they were all nice and I understand why people like them, but none of them came close to any SPYY in terms of smoothness. The pyramatte grinds well, but my Solaris grinds longer than any One Drop I’ve ever thrown.

Honestly I’m biased because I’m more of a SPYY fan than a One Drop fan. But if you’re a SPYY fan I think they’re having a resurgence in 2012. This is definitely not the time to switch. In my subjective opinion.


It’s nice, but the rings like on the Code 1 and Code 2, MMN and Dang are better.

Even though I really like One Drop, I think having contrary opinions expressed is critical to having a more complete picture. It’s also important that we accept and respect this anti-OneDrop position.

The Code 2 with disc side effects is one of my favorites.

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