Price drops SOLD


Wow, bad experience eh? Sorry to hear that… I do think eBay can make sense for some high value items though!

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Yeah I know. I have sold close to 20 grand over the last decade only to get totally screwed by eBay on what should have been an easy transaction. Never again. If I want to throw away items, I can do that without also paying eBay on top of it.

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I’m taking offers bump


good price for the TP.

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The thing is, I haven’t heard enough good things about the TiPeak to be tempted.


Wow really? Dust tells his story
I think it’s a great yoyo. And now at a better price. I play mine and with the package and numbering maybe some just ‘collect’ them. Depends in what you want I guess.
Also it seems so many done in Ti are so limited it’s seems really hard to find any reviews. My opinion is snag it and form my own opinion and sell if I don’t like it. Usually you don’t loose much if you keep it in good condition.

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It’s a great yoyo

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Sunday funday


I will buy yourTi Peak; David🤓

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Ti peak SOLD

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All sold now

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