OXY TI 2011 OXYGENE HYPERION I have peaks and other rares too if your looking

Hi all Looking to thin out my collection. Payment via paypal. Free shipping and buyer can send payment as gift or pay the 4% PP fees. Thanks for looking. Just looking to get what I paid for them as they are fairly rare OOP throws. I hardly threw them and I would say the condition is mint. Of course they have not touched the ground at all. The Hyperion is from the first run of 20. $450 for the Hyperion and $400 for the 2011 Oxy Ti. Going to add pic after post per it keeps timing out. Sorry Mod’s I can’t get the pic to save I’ll keep trying and can email upon request.

A Bunch of YYE Basically Every Yoyo day 2014 limited / prototype offered and other YYE’s for sale at retail all are mint unless otherwise stated. Pics upon request.
Ti Walker 43 Jason Wong ano $600 mint - near mint no box
Hyperion first run of 20 $450 mint with box

Septopus Black silver n brown $300 mint no box
Moonwalker $300 Mint no box
Sebby Peak (half and half orange and blue) $300 NM no box
Wolf Lake Peak $300 NM no box
Moonwalker “8 legged freak” SOLD for a lot =)
Brett Grimes Painted Peak green sides blue rims white catch zone $300 Mint no box

Raw Peak $220 NM standard raw marks no dings
Bearing Gull FG Peak $200 NM no box but a red and white crocheted bag that came with it

Skywalker The works colorway first run $150 old school box and care sheet
Skywalker Yoduh $125 mint no box
Skywalker Raw semi polished D bearing $100 VG
Flying hut Proto Raw $175 mint with box
Flying hut Raw $140 mint no box
Gen Yo Prestige purple sage $100 Mint with box


Jeez, C22?

I think I see 4 ti walkers and a magnum.

Prices added for folks with more money than sense like me bump =)

First time I’ve seen someone crazy enough to try and charge more for a raw peak versus an ano’d one!

hmmm it’s been a while bump??? Catch 22 gone =( enjoy Jiang!

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