Bunch of TITANIUM Throws and a Draupnir


Yoyos that have “SOLD” beside their description are indeed sold for those that don’t understand.


Are listed in order from top to bottom going from left to right as go down each row.  I’m just going to post this.

I don’t know what the fair value is on any of these since haven’t been around in quite a long time but if anyone would like to offer me what is considered fair by this forum’s pricing thread I will take that price for sure but if you can’t offer me a price please don’t expect me to be able to tell you my lowest price I would take as it would require research since I’ve not up to speed on things today. I’ve gotten atleast 20 replies pretty much all asking my bottom price within 30 minutes and replied the same to almost all “I don’t know the yoyo’s fair value to say my lowest price”. I could go up to the pricing thread and list them but honestly would hope some know the value and are honest enough to just tell that price in respect to their offer as I will look in that thread before accepting an offer that looks remotely close to being in the neighborhood of fair. Thanks again all

  1. Aurora Blue and Green SOLD have box and papers. 9.5-10 as it’s been spooled. Many would say new mint in box but I have opened it. $225

  2. Ti Walker (SOLD)custom colors by none other #4. The powder coating can be cleaning off if one wanted to do so.

  3. Tirade #002 looks to be unused no box as Kyo made it for me long after they were sold out with his #002 that had saved for himself $300 > WILL ENTERTAIN REASONABLE OFFERS

  4. Tiphiter II #38 (SOLD) appears to be unused and no box. Same circumstance as above $450 > WILL ENTERTAIN REASONABLE OFFERS

  5. Sovereign SOLD (since nobody will offer close to what’s listed in appraisal thread “$300-$450” I’m going to list this one at $275 OBO as I would consider that more than fair) hate to have done that but literally have had way too may "what’s your bottom dollar? Or I’ll give you $100-$150 for it. It’s a no number great in appearance no marks or dings but think it’s been modded by previous owner

  6. Trevlor Peak (Levi) SOLD note to those that don’t understand what this is. I’ve gotten $400-$500 offers (which I didn’t take their money lol) and had to explain that this is the peak which was know as the Trevlor peak that is in the history of the peak blogs/threads that was used until almost all of Levi’s paint was worn off so I paid mullibob for the custom powder of OG peak in purple and orange. Very nice powder job and unthrown since it was done. It’s worth to me around $175 but open to offers close to this as I’m still taking a loss at this price. And if the appraisal thread values it lower then will accept even lower. I’m sticking to my “fair market price” listing. >MAYBE $160

  7. Dazzler 1st run great shape 8.5-9.5. Should have box and contents too.  No dings that I can find but I did enjoy throwing it when got into yoyoing. (I will be keeping either the Dazzler or Hyperion whichever one sells first goes). Best playing throw there is in my opinion. Just my opinion. $425  Video link below

  1. Hyperion 1st run. Should have box and contents. two small marks on the rim but does not affect play

  2. Blue rimmed Draupnir if anyone interested. Prolly have box if knew what looks like. Only threw it one time so would say mint+ condition. $220 all in shipped insurance paypaled etc… Find me a picture of its box and will find it to ship mint in box. Video link below

Here’s a shot of the Arizona Fade peak.

Thanks for looking!


Bump for best fair deals.

Ive gotten some offers and really close on some of these being gone.

Ti Walker sold first reasonable offer. No haggling just accepted offer as I said I would.


Friday morning to the top. Let’s get some of these new homes.


To the top. Some rare ones still left


Let’s get these sold. Some rare Ti throws that hardly ever see for sale. Make me a reasonable offer. I’ll I can say is no. Tiphiter II, Tirade, and two other awesome Ti throws leftvvvabdctge custom Peak still available.


Ttt. Couple rare Tis left.



I was just wondering if you still have your dazzler for sale?

-Harrison :slight_smile:



I was just wondering if you still have your dazzler for sale?

-Harrison :slight_smile:


Ttt with added vids


Ttt. Make some offers peeps

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