Price drops SOLD

All are absolutely mint with boxes No trades
All will ship next day usps first class USA only incl.
All prices PayPal f&f or pay the fees

G2 Pelican a grade berries and cream mint with all goodies. Only a small amount of a grades exist. This is the last of the og American made Pelicans.

Ti peak is #78 mint in the box. Original owner.

G2 Pelican————$165
Luftverk Ti peak—-$230
Clyw borealis———$60

image image image


Wow some suuuper nice stuff in here :heart_eyes:


Bump for price drops

That TiPeak looks awfully tasty… :thinking:


E=mc^2 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah, I know. I just gotta figure out how to drum up $250 after all the damage I’ve already done to my wallet.

What’s the consensus on the TiPeak anyway, performance-wise?


how much does the wolf retail for?

I believe the Arkham Swirl was $159 but you won’t find one for retail anymore

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Won’t find arkahm swirl or wont find a wolf at all

I’ve seen lots of Wolf’s for sale

Monday bumpday


I want that wolf soooo bad. That is a piece of actual art to me. $200, :tired_face::tired_face:

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The Arkham Wolf swirl is a piece of art. It’s rare and mint and I’m covering shipping.


You drive a hard bargain, if you have it after I pay for all my vehicle taxes I’ll buy it.

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You will not get these swirls on a Wolf again, what is out in the wild is it. Jake no longer uses that ano shop.

New swirls are coming out, but they arnt these OG G2 Swirlz.


Titanium peak bump

Monday bloody Monday

Titanium Tuesday

Have you thought of putting them up on eBay? That may be a better way to get collectors fighting for these rare items.

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I’ll never sell on eBay again. They will never get another dime from me