Price drop Selling a bunch; clyw, luftverk,2 sick, and a few others!

Prices are pretty firm, paypal is preferred payment, trades are basically a no (trying to get money for moving), damage is pictured. Only real trades are Vs Newton stuff that’s rare, like a d bearing works skywlaker or moonwalker or flying hut.

Row 1
$35 A proto Tyler Hsieh made for a company that I forgot. Its a nice playing Prototype bimetal. Damage pictured.
$35 YYF B grade turntable, lets say near mint, b grade vibe.
SOLD Top yo Quantam, finish coming off, fine otherwise.
Row 2
$50 @sick Sereph proto. Damage pictured.
SOLD Turning pont 2, lets say near mint to be safe.
$50 Basecamp Jackknife, damage pictured.
Row 3 CLYW
SOLD 28 stories peak, one mark pictured, other than that, its in amazing shape.
$120 Hurdler canvas, damage pictured. This is one of the unengraved ones.
$90 Maideraide blizzard, couldn’t find damage, but I’ve played this yoyo a good amount.
Row 4 Lufvterk
$150 Evora, damage pictured.
$100 Evora ti/AL, damage pictured.

Prices droped