Losts of clyw. Message for prices/damage LF; Yo Recreation, Yeti, G2

Looking to trade for yyr, specifically the messiah. Also looking for a yeti. Otherwise looking to sell.

[size=10pt][size=10pt]I don’t care about damage as long as there is minimal vibe. [/size][/size]

Also looking to trade for g2 and a valor.
Message me with pics and info I will give you a price.
Don’t really care about damage as long as there is little to no vibe.
Prefer to have the box.

(Sorry Pic is flipped ‘first row’ starts in the bottom left corner with the blue and orange yoyo and goes to the blue and grey yoyo)

First Row: CLYW BVM2 City of Champions. 1 non anno breaking mark, 1 scratch. Box. $90
CLYW Bonfire Confetti. Mint. Box. Dead smooth. $120
CLYW Puffin 2 Blizzard. Mint. Box. Dead smooth. $120

Second Row: CLYW Sasquatch. Fools gold for an anno flaw. Plays like an a grade. 3 non anno breaking smudges. No box .
CLYW Cliff Concrete Blizzard. 4 dings. DEAD SMOOTH. No box. $80
CLYWx One Drop SUMMIT. YYE edition. 4 dings smooth. box $70

Third Row: YYF Supernova. 2 dings one scratch. Dead smooth. No box $75.
One Drop Benchmark H. Ghost rain. Box. 3 dings. Sentimantal. Offer
YYF Cypher. Non anno breaking marks dead smooth. $25.

Last: YYF protostar. Couple plastic marks. No box. $20

Message me for damage pics.


how much for the puffin2, message me. Thanks

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