Prices are firm and include US shipping and fees. Message me if you would like more pictures of a throw or have any questions. Otherwise let me know if you want one and I will send over the paypal address. I try and make it as easy as possible. All the G2 throws have boxes and buttons. Reach out if you want to put together a package and save on shipping and fees.

G2 Banshee “Lavender” (couple of marks in the anno but can’t feel anything check pictures) - SOLD

G2 Hawk “Hyper Space” (MIB) - SOLD

G2 Marvel “Reddit Throwers” (hit the floor and has some small scrapes check pictures) - SOLD

OD Top Deck “Green/Purple” (MIB) - SOLD

OneDrop Rally w/ quite a bit of vibe (Pewter/Mango) - SOLD

CLYW OG Yeti (purple) w/ very slight vibe not noticeable on string - $50

bumperino lower prices

U got pm d for marvel broham