FS/FT: CLYW, G2, and OD

Hey everyone,

I have a few Yo-Yos I’d like to sell. I’ve been slowing down on playing and just wanted to clean out my collection of the few throws that have just been sitting in my drawer. So Here is my Drawer Clean out Sale!!! Please PM if you’re interested and have an offers. Right now cash is Dominant but I wouldn’t mind trying out any of CLYW’s new throws. Thanks for looking

Please only offer wants if not offering Cash:
-CLYW Puffin 2

If anything sparks your interest again, PM and we can exchange emails for pics of colorways/damage.

Now for the yoyos from left to right!

Starting from the top row: 1st is a Gotham City G2 Albatross a few scuffs but an awesome throw, Space Blizzard CLYW Cliff(MINT), Green Acid Wash CLYW GE(MINT), Midnight Storm OD Cascade(some flat spots), Beat Black w/ pink speckle CLYW Avalanche(not the comback)

Second Row: Ninja Hurdles CLYW Arctic Circle(MINT), Arkham City G2 Nessie(MINT), Broken Twill CLYW Chief(MINT), Pink w/ Clear Speckle Gnarwhal(MINT), Salt n Pepper CLYW Avalanche TCB (MINT)