Need to sell ASAP! CLYW, OD, Turning Point, Equilibrium, Yyf

As title says. Looking to sell. Message me for more pics.
PayPal only please.
No international trades or sales, sorry.
PM me if you have any questions or offers.


Top Row: Palpitation ($80), Shake ($35)
Leviathan 5 ($90)

Middle Row: Valor ($90), Orca ($90)

Bottom Row: Too Hot ($30), Equilibrium ($85), Markmont.Classic ($75)

Replay Pro & Go Big are deal sweeteners.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my BST post.


Bump! Looking for an Albatross!

Bump! H.O.T. and Glacier Express added.

Bump, keeping my Glacier Express


Bump red protostar is gone

Bump! Glacier Express has been traded.

Code 2, Chaotic, and Protostar are being traded.

Bump added prices

I could maybe do a lower price.

First bump in a long time

It takes 1 year to paint the Golden Gate Bridge.

We can buy one instead of having to do the package deal right?

What condition is the chief in?

trading mah avaiator!