Looking for a cliff, two albatrosses, any mint turning point, any offer will be entertained, please don’t low ball me got about 275.00 worth I to the vita and its nice! Barely played two physical games and jack and daxter on memory stick, all three. Only trading inside the United States guys, thanks!!

Really lookin for a CLIFF and deal sweetener just to level the trading field, only dealing in the US.

Have a small bearing 888, I love this yoyo but really need some cash or maybe the right throw, has a terrapin size a and practically no vibe, plays lime a dream and would make an excellent 5a player for someone, needs two size a bearings for stacks, I don’t use them so I gave them to a friend. Looking for 55 but its nego.

Btw it’s a limited edition

Looking for a cliff or a chief guys that’s all try no to pm with much else unless its equally as awesome as these two throws, If either one is mint ill trade straight up thanks!

Just to clarify, 45 for the 888 shipped, and wanting to trade the vita for a 65g cheif or a cliff, and if in mint with box ill trade straight, if damaged or vibes gonna need a sweetener

Yyf sold