Would anyone trade a Cliff for a Glacier Express? Or is this crazy talk?


I was just told that the Glacier Express is one of the least sought after CLYW throws, and unfortunately I have one for trade or sale. But now I’m wondering if I should just try trading for something like a Cliff because it’s in the same retail price, and it seems like people who enjoy the cliff would enjoy the GE. Is this wrong? Do I still have much to learn about CLYW?


Cliff has a higher resale value then the GE


Usually Cliffs bring much higher trade values

But you never know
Someone might not like the Cliff or have one in not as good of condition
It all depends on the person


Dang, man, I’m really tired of being taken advantage of. I mean, I traded a lot for this dang GE and now I find out that I can’t even get a good trade out of it. This sucks :-\


There are other great throws from different companies
Your trades don’t have to be just for CLYW


they normally arent! lol i have a cliff and i have a glacier express, and i really want to trade this one guy for a mint Phenom, which i thought would be a fair trade, Phenom for GE, but he said he wanted the GE AND my 7075 Catalyst, which i dont think is fair at all and a bit rude :-\ i mean, retail, the GE is $145, the catalyst is $120 and on the other hand the Phenom is about $143. so i told him that i’d throw in something else small to make the trade a bit in his favor. but i dunno. it’s just irritating, i’m trading this GE because i need to stop trading for a while due to biills and having our car reposessed and having a six month old that is my first priority, so i would really like to trade it for something really good y’know? but everyone ive talked to seems to be just walking on me, for more than just what is needed to make up the “trade value” difference.


I don’t believe you were taken advantage of. You have so many resources at your disposal to make an informed decision on anything you could ever think of. You wanted the GE and now you’re upset that you can’t trade it.

Retail value doesn’t always translate to resell value. Research before making impulse decisions.

I think I got a Phenom for $30 once.


hey. i can vent just like everyone else here, and yes the recourses are here, but the recourses are usually of the “elite” here as well, who normally dont have the time to waste on questions like that. i did try though, i asked three different people about the trade value and an opinion on if the trade was fair or not, two never answered despite being online and one answered back asking me if i was trading my cliff and said nothing about the question asked. so don’t just assume :slight_smile: however, when i speak of being taken advantage of, it’s not the phenom that im speaking of, i havent even made a trade with the GE yet, and it’s not any situation or person in specific, it’s a series of events that have happened recently leading to me making the statement “i hate being taken advantage of”. i should have been more clear, sorry for any misunderstanding. but again, i am simply venting my frustrations and nothing more. and my frustrations are rooted in the fact that it’s very very difficult to understand CLYW trade values and all that. it’s very complicated lol i mean, all i can do is look at the retail price of both throws being traded and compare while taking off “x” amount of $ for use, damage, etc. because normally i can’t get a straight answer out of anyone or any answer at all.

what is it with CLYW? why are they so popular and expensive? i mean, i know that they play great and look amazing but other than that? i’m sincerely curious, not just complaining. and yoyorecreation as well, why so expensive?


CLYW is hype in my opinion, and YYR’s are expensive because they are Japanese, 7075, and in high demand and low supply typically. Actually, the demand part used to go for both.


so don’t assume that i didn’t try to reach out for the answers because i really tried**

forgot the rest of that sentence lol


yea i hear ya. I do love CLYW throws because they really are amazing but some of them, not so much lol i LOVE the Cliff and Glacier Express because i am OBSESSED with extreme “H” profiles and especially if they’re a bit oversized. but i’ve never thrown a YYR, I REEEEEAAAALLY want a ReClash, BADLY. but there is no way i’ll ever be able to afford one lol i’ve tried trading for a couple but when people have a YYR they tend to not wanna let it go and especially for the ReClash because i assume those are a bit more rare. i’ve only seen three on here so far but i want one SO BAD!


YYR is life. The Reclash is actually one of the less sought after YYR. But you don’t see any YYR pop up much in general.

If you do get one, they play amazing though.

I don’t think CLYW has any reason to price their throws that high. Their the most expensive American throws and all of them cost $30 more then they should.

Japanese yoyos are expensive in general though, and they’re usually made of 7075.


What colorway is your GE? I may be interested.


If you ever need help with whether a trade is fair or not I’d be more then willing to chime in. I tend to get pretty positive responses in the appraisal threads so it seems most agree with me to some extent.

What did you trade for the GE in the first place?




sorry, i just looked at my trade log book and realized that i didnt trade for it, i traded alot for my cliff, i actually bought the GE and i bought it for $140


I tried to trade a Cliff for a GE about 3 months ago! I ended up trading it for a Puffin, then for the puffin for a Bape 2. LOL

Timing is important if you are patient enough I bet someone will eventually want to trade!

My problem with my Cliff was the gap was just wide enough for my middle finger to get stuck in the gap if the yoyo came back really fast from a bind. I wanted the GE because it has a tighter gap. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your trade!


yea i love the cliff gap, that’s why i love extreme “H” profiles. i like when my finger can fit in the gap perfectly. the GE is awesome and i actually have two, i want to trade my Yogi because i had a plan to collect Yogis to match it but everytime i find a Yogi i either have nothing to trade for it or nothing they want lol so i gave up.


I personally would rather hAve a cliff than a GE but as long as they were around the same condition i wouldn’t say you made a gain but not a loss either.

btw when you figure out what you want maybe pm me and we can make a deal bc that poor h5chief incident! Btw looking at the stats, the h5x is actually larger in diameter than my dreadnoughtG!! Which is crazy! Been into oversized lately and the h5x is larger than anything i have yet Haha

but i don’t think you made a bad trade, i have def made worse, i bet if you look you can find someone to trade you a cliff back for the GE, or maybe get something else on your wants list :slight_smile:


Oh I totally did! I got a PHENOM!! finally!