CLYW and YYF for sale! Price Drop!!


Hey everybody, I’m selling some of my gear. Message me if you are interested!

CLYW Orca (B Grade) ~ $90

CLYW Emerald Big Dipper ~ SOLD

CLYW Milkshake Big Dipper ~ $15

CLYW Borealis ~ SOLD

YYF Shutter ~ $20

CLYW Grape Big Dipper ~ SOLD

Civility ~ $60

Kitty String (thrown in with sale)

Counterweights (thrown in with sale)

Everything left above $160

If you buy everything left I’ll throw in my BLK Striped Kendama if you are interested!


I’ll buy the shutter, is shipping included in cost?


Would you be willing to trade any of that stuff? I have champion edition protostars, gentry stein yoyos, and a new yyf Hiroyuki Suzuki edition equilateral.


hey Timmy i would much rather sell, thankyou!

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