President's Bind: The Tutorial

Hey Everyone!
Ive always loved the President’s Bind. This bind was not created by me, this bind was created by Vashek Kroutil. I tried learning this about 9 months ago, but wasn’t able to learn from the video Vashek has made. After learning it from our fellow forum member Plank4God, I had it mastered. Here’s a tutorial I created for anyone who would like to learn it! Thanks for watching! Feedback is much appreciated!

My Video:

Vashek’s Video:

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Yoyo used: RAyoyo Chupacabra


Thank you. I simply could not get it from Vashek’s video. Been looking for something like this for a long time.

You’re welcome! I had the same exact problem, I was like “Alright, this needs to be made into a tutorial. It’s too sick of a bind to not be shared”

Have fun learning it! It’s fairly simple, but looks amazing once fluent.



Don’t take this personally but, LIAR!!

This is not the presidents bind, it’s close, very close, but not the presidents bind.You have by no means mastered it either.
Up until 0:18 you have the steps perfectly but then it strays off from the original. The first detail that I noticed was off was when Vashek does it you notice the string spins for a much longer duration(yours 0:19) (his 0:06). This is because he’s actually spinning it “against the grain” and then letting it spin back. Also he doesn’t wrap the string around the yoyo like at 0:18, he wraps the yoyo around the string. This makes the same configuration but aesthetically is very different.
I hope you consider changing the title of the video to President’s Bind Variation Tutorial.

The reason I sound so critical is simply because I love this bind and I don’t want any body learning it the wrong way. The way you did it is perfectly fine, it’s just not the same as Vashek’s.

P.S. I really liked the music. Very seasonal!

Thanks for the feedback! I do know he spins it against the grain, but have learned that that tends to give you the “snags” when it comes back up after a throw or two.

Nice tutorial either way. Easy to follow, though I have one problem with this and also Vashek’s…

The part that’s cool is the bind. But there’s so much stuff leading up to it. It’s really a trick that’s called “President’s Bind” yet I keep expecting to see a tutorial for just the bind part. Or to put this another way: I know you probably need to have the yoyo spinning a certain way and the strings in a specific configuration, but isn’t there a faster and less ornate way of getting just to the bind itself?

If not, I guess I’ll just have to dislike the name “President’s Bind” as a misleading name for a trick. :wink:

This was the least ornate way I could think of. Basically done from a trapeze bind position.


Yuki for the solid gold win! Thanks, Yuki! That’s what I’m talking about.





Thanks for the video! i learned your way, then, seince i knew now to do it your way i learned vasheks way and it was realy easy! Thanks alot! (im not being sarcastic)

You’re quite welcome! Thank you for the feedback :blush:




Steezy man… Steezy. But at the end I do it a bit different. I will try to make a video and show you, I think you will like it