Premium 888.x, SPYY Addiction, or Avant Garde? Attn: BSTers!


So, I’ve got a $20 gift certificate at my local yoyo store (it’s actually a board game store, but they carry duncan, yomega, yyf, yyj, and some spyy). Which of the above should I put the credit towards?

One thing to keep in mind is that I frequent our BST forums a lot, so if I get tired of it or dont deem it a “keeper,” it will probably end up on there. Which one of these is worth more on the “BST market” or would do better?

I understand that both questions are totally subjective. But please, offer up any opinions! :slight_smile:


Avant Garde without a doubt. It carries a heck of a lot more resale value because it’s newer and more “exciting” than the others. I’ve seen a guy who was struggling to get 35 bucks out of an 888x within the past week or 2, and it’s become pretty well known that 888x’s in general are not the 888 to get. Aside from that, 888s in general have been on a steady decline in value, as I just struggled to sell or trade 2 rare '07 (widely known as the “best”) models for a fair payback. Addictions are another example of one of those throws that’s just so widely available it’s a struggle just to move one out. Or at least for me it was.


^ Yep…out of the 3, Avante Garde all the way. I would never buy an addiction or 888x new because of their insanely low re-sale value (they both play great though IMO).


Addiction cause i’m a huge fan of SPYY


One of the main points of this thread was to find which one would have the best resale value should he decide that it’s just not for him. The Addiction is a great yoyo. I loved mine. But if he gets tired of it and ends up struggling to sell it for just over half the price he bought it for, it would become painfully apparent that he may have not made the right decision in this context.