FS: A Couple Rarities! SPYY Addiction V1, Chico Five Alarm Bulldog

Hey all.  For your consideration, I have some throws here that you won’t see very often, especially not in such fine condition.

Next we have an Addiction from SPYY.  This is from the original run (not to be confused with the Addict), so it’s a solid jet black, not the acidwash of the later versions.  This was one of my very first yoyos, and I always told myself I’d wait until I was really good before I’d use it.  That day apparently never came, so it remains mint.  Probably one of the few remaining in such condition. $95

Next up is a Chico Yoyo Company Bulldog in the very unique 5 Alarm colorway.  Plays wonderfully, though perhaps not what you’d expect a yoyo named the “bulldog” to play like; it’s small, speedy and super agile.  Chihuahua would have been more apt. $80

*Mint(ish) unless otherwise stated in the description
*First class shipping to the Continental United States is included in the price
*No trade offers please, but money offers are welcome
*Please put the name of the yoyo(s) you’re inquiring about in the PM subject line
*No holds, other than for payment pending
*I work seven days a week, so please be patient with communication
*Thanks for looking!

First up is a General Yo Maj)?esty in the Vinya#*sha Flow colorway.  Only thirteen of these were produced. $95

Here’s one I bet most of you haven’t heard of.  It’s the Reg!ulus from Jazz Yo/Yo Cats.  Bi-metal, half a decade before the Drau%pnir.  In play, it reminds me of a much more solid Cafe Racer.  Siliconed and outfitted with a concave bearing (originally it had O-rings and a really lousy bearing, which is probably why it was such a sleeper). $80 PAYMENT PENDING

I learned to bind on this yoyo!  The T#wo Fa^t Ladi&es Groo&vy Editi)on, by Werrd.  It uses a pretty cool old school concept -the beefcake; two side by side C bearings, the string resting (in theory) in the slight groove between them.  It’s raw, so there will be the usual fine marks, but it’s pretty much perf. $65 PAYMENT PENDING

A green, large bearing Luc&ky 7 from Mad%house Yoyos.  The cups are raw, so they will have the usual array of very fine marks, but it’s otherwise mint.  I actually carried this yoyo when my friends and I would go carousing at the casinos, so it’s a miracle it survived in such pristine shape.  No, it didn’t seem to bring me any luck, good or bad. $77 PENDING PAYMENT

A OG Sa%squ#atch by CLY*W with Tea&m Edi%tion speckle.  I prefer fast, light yoyos, so I didn’t get along well with the Sa!s from the start.  Thus, other than a layer of dust on the box, it’s just been hibernating for years.  Another one with probably only an hour or two of throw time. $90