Couple of Yoyo's to trade or sell

Hi all
The other day I made a joke in one of the forums about trading a couple of my never used yoyos. After really thinking about it I decided to actually do it. I have never sold any of my collection or traded for that matter. These just never get used and I figure someone else may give them more love then me. :slight_smile: Up for sale is an Hspin Good and evil Poison number 184. Included is all the original packing and spacers. Also a pyro first run if I am not mistaken. Number 854. Also has all of its goodies including a spare axel. Take a look at the pics for what’s included. The pyro is in mint condition. The Poison has the slightest mark on one rim. It’s so slight I couldn’t even get a pic of it to come out. I am more interested in a trade and I will consider yoyos from the following companies.
Caribou lodge
One Drop
I Love Yoyo
Big Brother
General Yo
If you’re interested make me an offer. I play but also collect so I would want any yoyo I trade for to be in mint to near mint condition. I know I don’t have any feedback from this sight but you can check out my feedback on ebay. Screen name is djqsrv123. Also Andre may remember me from the store he used to work at and Dog bite. He may or may not remember me but I have purchased MANY yoyos on his recommendations. If he does remember me maybe he can vouch for me. Its not the same at that store without you Andre :slight_smile:
Anyway, if you’re interested hit me up through the board.
Thanks D

hi i think i might want to trade ive never done this before but anyway
i have a 1st run dual tone canvas gray&gold mint cond theres only 3 in the world so i think it would take both yoyos
for me to do it thanks let me know if your interested

Want caribou lodge for bumblebee and red velocity

I’ve never thrown a caribou lodge is it responsive

Also which one

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