avant garde

i got one in the yoyofactory mystiery box and i love it. does annyone else have one and how do you like it? :wink:

inb4 thread gets moved, wrong section

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pointless post.

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yes i have 2 Avant Garde. I got them from the Mystery boxes too. I too love it. The weight is great and plays great too.

i got the Ann Connolly one and a blue/silver one. the blue one is broken (posted about it in another thread). I only threw the Ann’s a few time to see how it felt. I’m waiting on a replacement blue on to really start throwing it.

Love, LOVE this yoyo. Got the blue with raw center in mystery box. (side note : anyone doesn’t love theirs, I’ll help you break even on your box spend :wink: )

I wish I had known how great this was when it was available lol