Ann Connolly Avant Garde

hey all,
if anyone is interested, I have an Ann Connolly edition avant garde up for sale on ebay. Its brand new, still in the box and everything. Its from EYYC 2012 and seems pretty rare as a collectible. Ann herself even said it is one of her favorites. Plus not too many were made. Im selling the only available one on ebay and amazon so you really cant find it anywhere else.
Anyway, Im really hoping to sell it. I got it for $100 so that’s what Im selling it for.
reply if your interested.

You must have pictures of your yoyo, or a link to the Ebay at the very least.

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This against the rules thx Big Cat

Im not sure if I can post a Link. But I am the only person on Ebay selling an Ann Connolly Avant garde. If you just search for it on ebay, only 1 will come up, thats the one im selling.

You are aloud to have a link as long as it is your account on Ebay.

here’s the link to the yoyo!

Im really hoping it sells. Its definitely a collectors item.

The price has been lowered to $90