Would this be a good trade on my half ?

I would get a mint avant garde 1 with a KK
I would be trading a very near mint STYY Remnant 2
Is this a good trade ? What are y’all thoughts on the garde ?

Heck yes! It would be worth it to trade just the String Theory Remnant 2 for the Avant Garde… and it would still be in your favor.

Getting a trade of equal value for any YYF is great. They mass produce their stuff so much they don’t hold any trade value.

I’m confused. Miamiboy is RECEIVING the Avant Garde, and SENDING the STYY.

Be aware that the Avant Garde was had recently on special for $50. Not that it matters, because what the person paid for it is actually irrelevant, but if that informs your decision (logical or not) it’s worth knowing.

On the other hand, the Avant Garde (original I mean; I have no idea what the Avant Garde 2 is like) is an absolutely exceptional yoyo. I like it as much as my Wrath, and the Wrath gets some pretty good acclaim around here. It is a better throw overall than my C3 Capless as well. I have a few other throws in my collection, and the Avant Garde is almost undoubtedly the most “stable” while also being nimble. It has killer looks as well, especially certain colourways.

So the question is also: what value do you want to get out of the trade? For dollar value, I don’t think the Avant Garde will ever be worth much as a collector’s item. They made so many of them. But is it more important to you to get a great yoyo? If so, the Avant Garde is hard to beat.