Pre-Worlds Sale: CLYW Big Dipper, 4A Bundles, Spinfaktor HG, Rare*

The following are up for sale and looking for them to go quick. This is to help raise a little extra money for Worlds next week. PM me or email at for any questions or interest Prices are shipped. Paypal only.

For Sale:

[s]CLYW Big Dipper $18 Shipped

No damage. Does not come with original box, sorry. Great yo-yo. [/s]

2X YYF Flight, YYJ GoBIG Bundle $35 Shipped, or $15 shipped each

Pink played seldom, no damage. Orange has scratches on rims but no cracking. Both play amazing.
GoBig has no damage. All three come in this bundle.

[s]3X YoyoJam Aquarius, YYF 1st Offstring Yo-yo Bundle $35

All Aquarius have some use/crack in hubs but all have been tested and are in great playing condition.
YYF offstring yo-yo is not damaged in any manner, an is great condition. [/s]

YYJ Spinfaktor HG Great Race Edition $25 Shipped

Super rare version of a YYJ relic. Official Great race edition, the race in which Dale Bell traveled nation-wide in an classic car to raise money for a non-profit organization. Great addition to collector’s inventory.

[s]YYJ Speeder World Yo-yo Contest Edition $12 Shipped

Worlds 2007 edition, has cracks on hubs but is in amazing playing condition. [/s]

YoyoJam Hurricane Kamiatchi Modded Bundle $20 Shipped

I modded this pair to have one of the yo-yos to have an extra ring for better looping weight. No caps on sides, but overall this pair of 2A yo-yos play amazing.

[s]2X YoyoJam Night Moves 1/2 Bundle $30 Shipped

These are amazing throws. The clear night moves have some damage on the hubs but plays amazing.
Both play great and are fun throws to have in your collection. [/s]