FS: Doble Calypso, Jamboo Prototype, Offstring Bundle

I’m going to Tokyo in a few weeks and want to raise some extra money.

The following prices are negotiable. Please email me at johnnarum@gmail.com or pm me if you are interested.


  • John


1. Doble Calypso Yo-yo $Offer

Used to break World Yo-yo Record. In great condition, no damage.

2. Jamboo Prototype yo-yo $30 Shipped

Prototype differences from normal run is smaller size, and Dale needed to predict how much bamboo he actually needed to make a full durable body. The washers on side have oxidation, but the yo-yo spins just fine. Primarily a collector’s item.

3. 2X YoyoJam GoBig, 1X YoyoFactory Flight Offstring Bundle $40 Shipped

Selling because too much in my collection. All work great, and are used, but have no damaged.