Pre BAC video.
Some new stuff I am bringing to the contest.


Awesome! I love it . I wish I could see you at BAC

wow, that was a terrific video man!
so…basically there isnt a single style you dont rule at, bravo

haha that was sweet.

lookin good dude! Keep rockin it in 5a especially! those tricks just gave me some ideas!

hecka awesome josh! I’ll see you at BAC! :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


This may sound stupid, but are you sponsered, by who?

He doesn’t want to be sponsored…

Happy Throwing!=]

it looks like he has team somthing in his siggy but i can’t read it.

Starscream, if you going to say happy throwing after everything, you might want to put it in your siggy. You wouldn’t have to type it each time. But, just a suggestion, do what you want.

That was SMOOTH 4a man

Nice 1a and 5a concepts as well!!!

Nice job and good luck at the contest!

Josh started the 2YO club/team. He isn’t sponsored. Anyways, awesome video Josh. You rock! :smiley:

I see that you say hecka… You’re a San Francisconian! I made that up. LOL

Josh… you’re… super awesome.

See you there at BAc!

this is crazy!

2yo isn’t a yoyo team, its just a yoyo club…

I can say happy throwing whatever I want, ok?

btw, its StarscrEEm, not StarscrEAm…

Happy Throwing! =]

Josh, you are a FRICKIN BEAST!! Man, you never cease to amaze me. THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. If you dont get into the finals in at least one division I will give my speedle to Alda to eat. SO DONT LOOSE!! JK, Love it, can’t wait to see you there!


Haha, thanks man.
Yeah Alda has some epic new tricks for BAC too, gonna be an awesome contest for sure.
I really hope I can get in the finals of 1A, I have been practicing hard recently.

Thanks for the comments guys!


Very Nice Vid!