Prayers out to Japan

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Japan, big earthquake over there.
Hope all are safe and well.



athiest here… but i still wish them the best

Muslim Here :wink:
So I Can Pray For Em Already did Though I Asked Fajar And He Said That all Yoyoers Are Okay :smiley:

Yes, indeed. The devastation in the pix and videos is unimaginable.

Amen, although I’d like to pray that it doesn’t travel to hawaii or the west coast of the US.

me too and it already hit hawaii hours ago but i have great sadness to japan

unfortunatly it will happen washington will get hit by a tsunami and a earthquake


Tsunamis have already hit Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii.

i wonder when the earthquake is gonna hit i hve my yoyos all locked up

Don’t worry, It won’t be that bad. We’re, like, 2000 miles from the epicenter.

where are u

I’ve pray for them.
remembered 2004 when part of my country got hit by tsunami, but the Japanese people are well prepared for whats come.

Southern California.

EDIT: I checked the numbers, we’re WAY more than 2000 miles away. We’re more than 5000 miles away.

Washington has earthquakes all the time. There’s an extension of the San Andreas fault runs right across Lake Washington from the UW area over to Clyde Hill/Bellvue. When I lived in Clyde Hill there was a UW measurment station in my backyard.

I hope and pray they are all alright.

amen. but nothin will happen to me becausei live in nj

I was watching Airborne! with my roommate and in the movie someone says “make waves not war -Gandhi” and he made it his facebook status…today…by accident… people weren’t happy but they were loling


I hope they stay safe.

a fellow aetheist!

Although I hope that nothing worse happens. several nuclear power plant meltdowns, horrible aftershocks, what else could happen? (knock on wood now)