Prayers out to Japan

<–atheist here too ;D

What did the dyslexic atheist say to the priest? I don’t believe in dog.

Well, I hear a large portion of their police force died. They got it pretty bad.
I’ll be praying for them.

Ey, this aint a Yay I found more athiest thread, its for expressing thoughts and hope for the country of Japan and its citizens, Show some honor, geeze.
It just peeves me off to see people who seem to not be taking this as a serious issue and are instead being Joeys about it.
Show some respect aight?


the master speaks wise words

If your concerned about your yo-yos, I will certainly protect them for you…

Amen. I feel very sorry for them. Let the dead Rest in Peace. :’(

Hey kids, this isn’t about having a belief in a higher being or not.
Everyone regardless of belief system can have and express compassion for the people of Japan.

So let’s keep it to yourselves.