Hoping for the best...... RE: Italy Earthquake

Of you are of the religious minded, I encourage you to say a quick prayer for our friends in Italy.  There are quite a few high quality Yo-Yo Makers in Italy, and a well sustained yo-yo community.  Chances are you have talked with someone from the region on the boards and not even known it.

For those that don’t know why I am asking for people to pray, read this:

[quote=exert]The 6.3-magnitude quake struck at 0330 (0130 GMT) close to L’Aquila, 95km (60 miles) north-east of Rome.
It lasted about 30 seconds, bringing down many Renaissance-era and Baroque buildings, including the dome on one of L’Aquila’s churches.
Boulders fell off mountain slopes, blocking roads. Houses were reduced to piles of rubble and cars crushed by raining debris.
One resident, Antonio di Marco, recounted his experience for the BBC: “We escaped outside like madmen, we didn’t understand what was happening, the whole building was moving under our feet, it is something that’s impossible to describe…”

Huge earthquake, 1500 injured, 58000 homeless (from latest CNN report)

So, at the very least, if prayer is not something you are comfortable with, then hope for the best.

My heart and prayer’s go out to anyone over there. Hope they find all the survivors.

I heard about that in the news just a minute ago. Real sad in fact.

Oh my gosh…thats horrible. :’(

They’re in my prayers :-\

i am part italian and i will pray for them. with my deepest thoughts.


I dont generally pray but I will keep them in my thoughts.

Im Therevada Buddhist :slight_smile: So will do what I can!

Wow, I don’t really you know pray to anyone besides my anscestors, the gods and people that are close to my Family.

ITALY, we should hope for the best.

Everybody let’s all give them the honorary yo-yo salute.

(Put your signature yo-yo over your heart and moment of silence. Look at them on Yomega)

theyre in my thoughts

I have been praying for the people that have lost love ones and for the survivors that may be still trapped :’(
It was a sad day.

My wife and i will be thinking of them.

I shall pray to the spirits and gods.

I dont pray a lot but I will (Did last night) for them again.

                           [b]                            R.I.P[/b]

I have prayed.
very sad situation.

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I shall keep them in my thoughts.

Same with me,I am part italian.lol

that is so sad, will keep them in my prayers