Its possible to yoyo during an earthquake

i now know from experience, that earthquakes make yoyoing a little more difficult, but a challenge is always good :smiley:

it woke me up. pretty cool. thats one thing to scratch off my bucket list.

haha yeah! earthquake down, now time for a hurricane

there was an earthquake?

5.9 on the scale
happened two counties over from my house and all up and down the east coast it was felt. It happened in virginia

Oh. well over here in the earthquake capital I didn’t feel a thing. Ironic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, I’d say it’s possible. However, it would interfere with your ability to run outside screaming. Mostly stuff like doors being in the way, things like that.

Virginia is a random place to have one. I actually just came back from virginia 2 days ago. I guess the state just miss’s me already.

Haha, we get those all the time, earthquakes happen and everyone doesn’t even care unless its significantly large.

Weird for you east coast guys to get that quake though.

felt it here on Long Island…spilt my drink…

Felt it in Pa. It was like five minutes after I was done yo-yoing. I was watching the llws.

Felt it in Central NC. I was actually making a yoyo at the time.

Earthquake in NJ…that’ll make the highlight reel when they talk about visiting the state.

Hmmmm, yesterday in Colorado, today on the east coast.
The sky is falling, run for your lives…

ya virginia is a random place to have a quake. i bet you people in california think we’re whimpy cause a quake is a such a big deal here :stuck_out_tongue:
it happened in the randomest place in virginia too, only 40 miles away from me. but even tho it was so close i was still yoyoing :smiley:

I am trying to recall when it was when I was in Los Altos for my job. I was at the company headquarters and I was kneeling in front of a computer, doing some maintenance on the hard drive. Suddenly I felt the ground move. I was “uh, what the hell was that” and for a few minutes we were all a bit disoriented until someone else in the office figured it out. Hadn’t really experienced it first hand and been aware of it before. I was born in SF and spent the first 6 years of my life there, then moved to Sacramento.

When the 1989 earthquake hit(the one that stopped the world series), I didn’t feel anything, but I saw the pool sloshing water and the chandelier in the entry way swinging back and forth. We were watching the World Series at the time. Then the cut-over to the freeway collapses.

I think in 1994, when the Northridge quake hit in LA, I was working for one of the Sacramento Kings at the time. He was in the area for a game. Thank goodness some people fly!

People in the Bay Area are pretty used to earthquakes. Here in Sacramento, we’re largely unaware of them unless they are pretty big.

Lots of quakes recently, going back a ways since the Indonesia/Thailand tsunami and as recent as Japan. Lots of BIG quakes. Don’t try and tell me these aren’t interconnected, they have to be. Pressure releases somewhere, it shifts pressure somewhere else and then it has to release. Just because we can’t figure out where it’s gonna hit next, it’s all of the earth.

I’m gonna go read the news. Hopefully there isn’t too much carnage on this one.

I didn’t feel it. Virginia is so random though…

geez my family lives in nj every one around us felt it but we didnt

LOL see what I mean, here in SF we just felt a quake late last night.



Just about every state gets quakes. I mean even Oklahoma gets em. The fact that it was a 5.9 is significant though. That’s big for that area. They are usually around 3.0 to 4.0. Almost where you can’t even feel it.