Pray for me, Please.


Hi everyone, most of you on here know who I am and my story. But for those that are new, I have had kidney failure since I was 15. I then received a transplant a year later after a friend passed away. The transplanted kidney lasted me ten years. I am now back on dialysis, and I have been on it for about two years now. They say is will take up to five to ten years to find me a transplant. I’m not asking for your money. I’m just asking you to pray for me, help me procure a miracle for me. Because the faster I get a transplant the happier I will be able to live my life. I know I am asking a lot from you guys here because some people on here don’t even believe in god or praying. All I am asking of you guys is to put good thoughts out there for me that I will receive a transplant as soon as possible. Those that pray, please pray for me that I will receive that transplant through the grace of god. Please help me, Everyday I try to stay strong but its getting harder every day for me to even find motivation to do anything anymore. Please and Thank you.
Colby Hans


That is terrible! I hate that you have to live your life like this… My thoughts are with you buddy. I am sure things will work out.


Things will all work out eventually. Just try to stay strong.


I’ve also had a transplant. You will definitely be in my thoughts, and I wish you luck. I don’t remember mine, so I can’t even imagine the stress and worry. What has always stuck with me, is that things always work out. It may seem idealistic but it has always helped me, especially when thinking about my transplant. My heart goes out to you and I just want you to have the strength to be patient.


Praying for you, hope all goes well!


I know for a fact that prayer works! All the best to you.


Many prayers are coming your way. Super sorry to hear about that, man. Good luck!

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I will certainly be praying for you buddy!


I will pray for you.
I’ve lost my uncle recently due to heart failure, I now it not the same and unrelated, but I just don’t like the feeling of losing people, either family or friend, to a disease.
I hope I can do more.


Stay strong man. We’re all hoping for the best for you. <3


… Life is a joke, a hoax because the best of us comes out only at the worst moments. This does not have to never forget you!
every time that I will play with my yoyo will dedicate to you a thought and a prayer and every time you play with a yoyo you will know that someone is praying for you … never stop playing and to fight for what is your right, a long life serene … if there is a God, he must give you credit for this. a big hug.




Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. I pray every night that it will happen soon. My fiance is even getting herself tested to see if she is a match for me. I just feel super horrible taking one from her. I will keep everyone updated on when and if I get one. I love yoyoing so much. And I love you guys because you guys are so amazing, awesome, and supportive. I cant thank you guys enough.


Really sorry to hear that.
Best wishes with you man! Hope everything works out, keep on throwing.


Just did a quick prayer for you! Best of luck! :slight_smile:


My family & I will keep you in our prayers. You have a whole life ahead of you, when God knows the time is right, your new kidney will be there! I can’t imagine what your daily life must be like, but, while we are praying, try to find at least one little thing everyday to make you smile. Maybe it is a flower, a butterfly, Carly’s smile, or the look of amazement when you show someone a yoyo trick. Try to find at least a moment of joy everyday.



You guys are amazing. When ever I’m having a tough time. I always know I can count on all of you and carly to pull me through. I cant imagine what life would be like if I did not find this hobby and the most amazing community I have ever seen.


Woah. Gives your handle a new meaning for me. I have a very close friend on dialysis for 3 years now and he’s restricted to a liter a day. I hope you make the list soon.


Praying for you. Gods hand is in this trust in him.