Posting up this Nats update just for those not paying attention

Steve posted an update on Yoyonews concerning deadlines for registering and such…

Info about purchasing finals ‘spectator seating’ tickets, etc…

Thad and a small band of Yoyo ninjas have been working on making this 1st Nats outside of Chico a successful Contest to impress, enjoy and remember.

Please do your part if you are going. Regardless whether you plan to compete, watch, shop, take up space or whatever.

Register your intentions… Buy your tickets… Upload your Music…whatever you need to do to help the Contest minimize headaches.

Please appreciate the efforts of the planners and organizers.

Check out Yoyonews for the update posting.

Click on the site and check out the Blog and whatever else you might need to know at the top of the site page.

The assorted Sponsors have Ponied up some tall stacks of greenery to get the ball rolling.

Let’s All help push the Contest ball in the right direction.

Thanks from Mo