Posting in BST forum help

Every time I edit my BST posts it bumps it to the top. Meaning, if I sell a throw or find what I was looking for, and edit the post saying the same, the post goes to the top of the list. I do not know why and don’t want to violate rules but bumping multiple times in a day. Can anyone offer advice? Excuse my lack of tech savyness


I think editing your original post in a BST topic will only bump it to the top if there are no other posts in that topic. What I do in BST is post my items, the next day post a reply (bumps the topic to the top), after that, I can edit the post with the items without it bumping. When I want to bump, I edit the last post in the thread (or add a post if the last post wasn’t mine)


Thank you. I appreciate the help


@French nailed it. That’s explained perfectly. :slight_smile:

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