Post your amazing yo-yo story


Alright if you have an amazing yoyo story post it… ;D

Here my story I lost my legacy (some of you may know) and I’ve been looking for it for a week and I FOUND it in one of my brothers bag and the funny thing is I knew he had lost it. and just so everyone knows he didn’t do it intentionally he’s a good brutha!


Not amazing, but another story of lost.

My boy lost his Yomega Brain, which remained lost for 6 weeks. I was worried he’d be going around school saying “I lot my brain” and get called in for a parent/teacher conference, but that didn’t happen. Turns out, my wife took it and “put it away”. That’s her term for “it’s lost” because, well, in my opinion, “put away” would mean it’s known where it is and could be quickly located.

No, it was in the back of our walk-in closet in the master bedroom under a pile of clothes that hadn’t been put away yet.

Once he got his Brain back, he started working a bit more seriously and ended up finally able to get the YYF ONE I bought for him months earlier. He’s starting to learn string tricks. He thinks he’s “all that” because he can sleep it, gravity pull it and walk the dog. I think it will be a bit before he can go further, but his throw is already nice and straight and he’s working on sleep time so he can do more complicated tricks.


I think its amazing I never lost a yoyo and I have over 20 and leave some around my college house.


I was Throwing around during PNWR when my friends and I saw this guy playing with a really sexy yoyo. We approached him and asked what it was. He said it was a MarkMont and said that he worked for a comany that sold them and showed us that his backpack was just filled with boxes of them and he said they were cooler cause they were nickel plated or something like that and that it made it even more pretty. I thought the price was a bit too much so I walked away. The funny thing is that I later found out that the guy was named Mark Montgomery and that he had released a special treated nickel coated yoyo for twice the price of what he was selling at PNWR. I Cried.


wow some really great stories up there …

all i have to say is that … today i started … free hand … and i am trying to learn bee sting and the dice swings around and hits me right in the … (don’t know if i can say it here but it rhymes with falls) … that knocked me on the floor … and damn did that hurt

anyways thought i would share lol


Mine’s more of a sad ‘lost’ story. Back in middle school just before the big boom, I smuggled my Yomega Brain yoyo to school that I just bought. After second period, I noticed that my yoyo was not in my backpack. Around lunch time, a friend comes up to me and asks “Were you looking for this?” holding a clear/red Brain yoyo up. I grabbed it and told him it was and thanks for finding it. Unfortunately, someone overcranked it to the point the hub was pretty much toast.

That evening, since I couldn’t unscrew it anymore, I just yanked it apart and removed the caps on the non clutch side. I had another Yomega half in which the clutch side was destroyed so I removed the cap on that as well and reassembled my new ‘Power Spin’ (or capless Fireball), which I still have in my yoyo box today. A few months down the road, I bought a new Brain yoyo and have been careful with it sense so I don’t overcrank it.

Also back in the day, my friends and I were all messing with our yoyos when I told him about the Sky Rocket trick. He had a brand new Fireball he was learning to use. So one of my other friends shows him with his yoyo - throws a strong sleeper and launches it skyward about the height of a telephone pole. After he did such, he forgot he didn’t (or any of us in that matter) have any large pockets to catch it in. The yoyo crashes into the street, all of us thinking “Oh no, it’s toast!” I grabbed it, did a quick inspection and guess what…only a small ding! We were all wowed by that, and that we didn’t owe him a new Fireball.

Second to last one, most recent, more of an ‘ouch’ story. I just picked up a (discontinued, I don’t think it was B-grade) Rec Rev n.9 at the BAC and attempted Eli Hops since everyone around was doing it. When I brought the yoyo back down, the thick rim smashes into my knuckle. Later when I got home I was wondering what was hurting so much, only to see a bruise.

And last one, also at BAC. I just picked up my Raptor, did a few throws until my string snagged. I unscrewed it, only to have the axle fall in the grass. I stopped dead in my tracks, frantically searching as I don’t want to feel like I spent $40 for nothing. Ready to give up and move on, maybe see if Duncan had any spare axles, I see this silvery thing in the grass out of the corner of my eye. It was the axle. What was also amazing was that several throwers nearby stopped what they were doing to help me look for it. Talk about support from people you don’t even know!

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Mrs. Marcy, 1st grade teacher, stepped out of the classroom. I grabbed the red imperial from my pocket and proceeded to yo a bit. Upon hearing her steps approaching the door, I attempted to quickly place the yo back into my pocket. As it would happen, in my hurried frenzy to hide the yo I tipped her coffee cup and sent a figurine, that had been on her desk, crashing to the floor. The amazing part? I’m here to tell the tale!


Everyones amazing yoyo story ends up being somewhat negative. whether they lost it, or broke something lol.

Where the juicy “found a yoyo in a dumpster and now im a world competitor” story. :stuck_out_tongue:


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What? You don’t think it’s a good thing I’m still alive? :wink:


The guy that got me and my boys into yoyoing is one of the most known throwers out there now. Back then he wasn’t “famous”. Now he’s sponsored by CLYW. Adam Brewster!!!