Post Worlds Trick Dump- Stephen Fuentes

(SlimJoe) #1

Let me know what you guys think.

Extra special to the people I met and hung out with this past worlds. Much love.



sweet throwing! great tricks…world was soo much fun wasnt it? haha how long have you been throwing?

(2Sick Joey) #3

Love me some Stephen Fuentes! That shirt is so cool! I want that.

(SlimJoe) #4

5 years! Thank you!

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Also, bump!




Really, really nice tricks. The green’s the Fruiture right? It’s looking nice. It’s been catching my eye lately…

(SlimJoe) #8


Yeah, the green is very eye-popping. I highly recommend the Fruiture. Its superb and its got a really chill feel to it.

(SlimJoe) #9



awesome video man and im david btw the one who tuned your yoyos

(SlimJoe) #11

Thanks again! :smiley:


So good! I played a Fruiture at Worlds and adored it. I want one.

(SlimJoe) #13

Thank you!

Yeah, this was one of my favorite worlds releases. You should totally pick one up when they drop!

(SlimJoe) #14

last bump!