Viridian - Stephen Fuentes

Let me know what you guys think.



All I have to write lol


Seriously too good #based <----just because I want to be hip

Thanks for the kind words, man.

When are we gunna see a new video from you?? :slight_smile:

As soon as I step my game up and come up with some new stuff haha! Lazyboyswag…soon I hope.

Whoa. That was good. Smooth with much techness. This’ll be the reason I stop posting vids. Can’t compete with this. :wink:

I want some of those skills!

Thanks guys!

Great tricks but here’s a piece of advice: way to many facial expressions lol.

Can’t help it D:

Some great and creative tricks. LOVE the soundtrack :wink:



Such a great video!! I love watching you throw!!


late bump

Literally just realized the name was from pokemon and so was the music… I’m dumb.

Haha yeah. This track isn’t something people might think was on a pokemon game. Too jazzy.

What yoyo?

One of the best vids I’ve ever seen!!!